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A supply-chain management solutions company. Sounds complicated, but it’s pretty simple. They process more than $15 million worth of transactions every day that keep the shelves stocked at Australia’s largest supermarket chains, retailers, hospitals and manufacturers.

They run the things that make barcodes work. They allow real-time communications between catalog lists and distribution inventories—barcodes scanners, on-road tracking, catalog syncing—all the hidden stuff that most of us thankfully never have to think about.

We created a brand and product architecture for their software range, featuring a pictogram and diagram system their sales documents and icons used in their software.

It included all the usual business collateral you’d expect, signage and marketing collateral, including monthly case studies, a newsletter, even a mug and a cake (not pictured).

They’re now one of Australia’s most successful logistics systems companies.

Brand mark and product architecture
Sector, business activity and application interface icons
Corporate stationery and crockery
Client case study flyers

– Belike identified the best parts of a rather tired 20 year old brand and helped us let go of the rest so that we could breathe colour, life and vibrancy back in. Customers keep complimenting us on how fresh our software looks and our staff really grasp our brand values now.

Angela Hariohoedojo, CEO

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