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A brand is much more than a logo can possibly capture. To paraphase Marty Neumeier, a logo isn't a brand. It's a symbol for the sum total of all interactions anyone has with your organisation, on any level. Did we just blow your mind?

If so, gather up the splattered bits from your desk, give us a call, and we’ll do our best to piece them back together. 

The Australian Ballet and nab. Two of Australia's greatest brands getting together.
The look of old science text books, Bauhaus, and a left of centre take on charting and information graphics.
A loud band with a loud image. When strategy meets rock.
Australia's largest lunch truck vendor. They sell more coke than McDonald's in Victoria.
A fearless mobile media company with a guerrilla attitude.
Two violins, a cello, viola, elegance and restraint.
A musical performer for kids with an online store.
Straight-forward, bright and bold.
A tiny sculpture for an emo-folk singer songwriter who's destined to be huge.
A theatre company inspired by a film featuring Steve Martin. Hilarious.
A musical about life beyond the reception desk.
"Put the kettle on, it's time for some sponge cake."
Emergency messaging technology. Not as quiet as it sounds.
Helping real people address the co-occurrence of mental illness and substance use.
Supply-chain logistics systems. Making sure everything arrives on time.
A copywriting agency. Simple and elegant.
Victorian Schoolies Week.
Landscape architects informed by nature.
Australia's social marketplace.
A coffee drive-through franchise. Visible at 60 km/h.
Promoting paper as a carbon bank and renewable resource.
Project management for large construction projects. Expert connectors.
An opera company developing younger artists.
Helping young people with entrepreneurial training.
Secure consumer technology in the corporate workplace.
Drug and alcohol counselling service for university students.
An energy reduction scheme, pitched to Government.
A folk band.
Regional health care beside a lake.
Forensic data recovery experts. If it's there, they'll find it.
Product innovations for every lifestyle.
A group of software, technology and bio-medical companies.
Tasty hydroponic tomatoes.
Biological reagents and antibodies to power Australian research.
Serviced homes in and around Melbourne.
Biomedical devices from design to market.
Clever cardboard furniture.
A campaign to update superfund members' details.
Raising awareness of bullying. Stopping it.
Helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint.
The Martha Graham dance technique for young kids and teenagers.
Travel guides, old world credibility and a wry sense of humour.
Awareness campaign for Sumitt addressing co-occurring mental illness and drug abuse head-on.
A searchable map for town planning and property law.
An international blog about customer experience in banking.
A proposal to government for an alternative transport concept.
The mark that started Marke, the precursor to Belike.

– A logo... is not the brand itself. It's merely a symbol for it.

Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap

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